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What is Green Energy?

Posted by: | Posted on: March 24, 2012
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What is Green Energy?

Green energy is a type of energy or power generated by making use of the inherent natural elements and resources that the earth has. When these types of resources are converted into power or energy, negative byproducts or pollutants released to the environment is also at its minimum level.

Green energy can be sourced from natural sources as:the sun, wind, geothermal, biomass/anaerobic, or hydropower. There are also experts who consider nuclear power as green energy due to its very minimal waste output.

It can be noted that the most widely used energy sources of today are fossil fuels, carbon, and crude oil. Although these are essentially sourced from the earth or nature, they are not considered green energy sources due to the high levels of pollutants they emit and release to the environment when they are converted to energy or power.

The concept of green energy is also not limited to the actual power or electricity that has been produced by converting the energy sources mentioned above. It can also manifest in other forms, at times, as raw energy produced by sunlight, water, or geothermal heat. To cite an example, you may be unaware but you are already using solar energy while drying clothes, food items, surface water, etc. The same green energy can also be seen at work when a building is efficiently designed to keep it cool in daytime and warm during the night through green architecture.

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