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Home Energy Saving Monitor Complete Unit with Transmitter

Posted by: | Posted on: October 22, 2012
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Product Features

  • Everything you need to start monitoring your homes energy consumption. The kit includes: Display with power supply, 2 slip-on clamps. Transmitter with 7 year battery life, Installation manual. Kits come with everything you need. Saves Energy – Reduces Utility Bills. See in REAL-TIME how much electricity your whole home is using! Monitor displays energy use in Dollars and Kilowatts. Allows you to lower your energy usage – save 15% or more! Our Weatherization Products Help You Green Your Home, Stop Drafts, and Lower Your Energy Bills! We manufacture Green Weatherization Home Energy Conservation Draft Stopper Products in the U.S.A. Our products help stop drafts, reduce your energy bills, save you money, and improve the comfort of your home. We sell direct to you – buy from the manufacturer. Fireplace Plugs, Whole House Fan Shutter Covers, R-50 Attic Stair Covers, R-42 EZ Hatch Attic Access Scuttle Doors, Dog Pet Doors, Dryer Vent Seals, Radon Test Kits, Air Conditioner Covers, Recessed Light Covers, Insulated Switch Plate Covers, Insulated Crawl Space Vents, Premium and Economy In-Line Duct Back Draft Dampers, Home Energy Monitors, and more! Our green home energy star weatherization products SAVE YOU MONEY ON YOUR ENERGY BILLS by reducing drafts and air-leaks around often overlooked “holes”, including the attic stairs, the attic scuttle access door, the whole house fan, the fireplace, the clothes dryer, the air conditioner, switch plates, recessed lights, the bathroom, kitchen, clothes dryer exhaust fans, pet door, crawl space vents, and more! Use our energy monitor to measure your energy savings! By sealing these air leaks, our products reduce cold drafts and heat loss in the winter, as well as air-conditioning loss in the summer. All products are MADE IN U.S.A.!


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