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Home wind turbine generator

Posted by: | Posted on: March 22, 2012
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How the power of the wind can save the planet and cash?

Wind power has gained immense popularity in recent years and is transforming the worlds energy dependency percentages. Wind power is a sustainable and green alternative to coal, gas or wood burning powered traditional electricity generation. This technology is being used on a national level by governments and power companies. It is also being taken advantage of by home domestic users. It is a clean and efficient way to reduce the dependency on traditional and costly energy. Traditional electricity relies mainly on fossil fuels, which is a dying resource pushing up costs continually.

Wind generated electricity is produced via a wind turbine. This device is extremely simple in its concept; the wind catches blades which turn a rotor shaft connected to an electric generator. The faster the wind speed the higher the amount of electricity that can be generated. This means that strategic placement of a turbine can increase the amount of electricity production potential vastly.

The beauty of wind turbines is that they can be easily fitted to a domestic home extremely simply and provide power straight to the house. This has a multitude of advantages for the owner of the turbine in terms of money saving, carbon emissions, gaining independence from energy prices and even earning money!

First off when a consumer is producing their own energy via a wind turbine generator it reduces their dependency on energy suppliers. This is because a proportion of the electricity usage is now catered for by your own production. You don’t need to bow down to their tariffs, it doesn’t matter how much a kilowatt of electricity cost the turbine still produces it for you. This reduces bills and frees up extra cash month on month. Unlike paying for electricity where you get charged when you use it, producing electricity is much different. As long as there is wind the turbine will be active and producing power. You will use power when it is needed and put it back into the grid when you don’t.  The great thing about this is that when you put power back into the grid the energy companies pay you! That’s right all it takes is to install a wind turbine and you can earn money off the energy company which helps pay your bills. In addition to this you are using less paid for electricity so the bill itself will be smaller.

What’s even better is that consumers can construct and install their own wind turbines for operation on their home. It’s much simpler than one might think, with a little application and simple learning you can take out the biggest cost of a wind turbine – installation. The cost of installation often puts people off installing a wind turbine in their home. Now you can slash the massive fixed cost of generating your own electricity dramatically. It really is the greatest form of freedom, you become more self sustaining and can save money and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously.

Amazon has  different Wind Turbines that they are ready to install, they are not very expensive and is easy to install. it comes with all the tools and information in order to have an easy installation. I have picked one that have great reviews and it seemed reasonably priced. Click on the picture and the link will take you directly to Amazon. Good luck!

Windmax HY400 500 Watt Max 12-Volt 5-Blade Residential Wind Generator Kit


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